AIG Clinics … another concept for aesthetic medicine in Dubai

AIG Clinics … another concept for aesthetic medicine in Dubai

AIG Clinics was established in Dubai in 2014, under the supervision of a group of doctors with multiple experiences in the field of cosmetology in all his specialties and managed by Dr. Wajdi Al-Dagma and earned a well-deserved reputation as the magic hand behind the most perfect bodies, flawless skin, and flawless facial features. One of the healthiest in the region.

In contrast to the widespread routine operations, AIG clinics are distinguished by providing exceptional, innovative, specialized and high-quality cosmetic services based on the best international standards in the field of aesthetic medicine, as it is the first clinic in the Middle East to work in the field of non-surgical face lift and provides appropriate treatments for each patient separately to create The unique personal experience of each patient, from the beginning of consultations by specialized doctors, to the medical procedure, recovery, when necessary, and what follows periodical follow-ups.

The medical staff at AIG clinics is distinguished by its diversity in terms of global expertise and specialties, which include specialists in skin care, health and the most important cosmetic doctors in the Middle East and the world. Among them is one of the top 100 plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Mosio Porto, who has a unique American method for removing stretch marks and scars by laser, as well as Dr. Carmelo Chrisafuli, plastic surgeon, and Dr. Mazen Arafa, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

And a number of doctors holding the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, including Dr. Heba Abdullah – American Board in Aesthetic Medicine, and Dr. Rudainah Muhaidat – American Board of Aesthetic Medicine.

If you are looking for safety and experience in performing surgeries, such as Vaser liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, fat transfer, to non-surgical techniques, such as the distinctive Q-Slim program, laser skin treatments, laser hair removal, botox and fillers, fillers, Chemical peels, injections, and facial and skin care, AIG clinics and their distinguished team are the best to provide these medical services in a sophisticated, friendly and comfortable environment.

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